First university veterans association in Canada launches initiatives at Concordia


"They’re a quiet, isolated student sub-group who you’ve probably never noticed. A group that faces unique issues and struggles, in and out of class. [88% of them drop out in their first year of study]. 46% of them are living with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms. They are, as a group, seven times more likely to commit suicide than other students. These students are veterans."

– The Concordian April 16th, 2015


Ex-military personnel attending university often find the adjustment to their new way of life incredibly difficult.  The lack of structure, the absence of immediate peer support, and Operational Stress Injuries (OSI) can come as a shock and restrict a soldier’s ability to succeed academically.  Reservists tend to have academic difficulty as well, due to their conflicting responsibilities associated with their volunteer military service.  Invariably, veterans of all stripes, with hard won values and exemplary qualities, end up in failed standing without having sought any help due to social stigma and pride.

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