Student Veterans In-Course Bursary

The Student Veterans In-Course Bursary, established by Gilbert Tordjman, BA ’89 and Executive Director, Advancement Services at Concordia, was created to recognize the contributions of veterans and support and encourage current and former Armed Forces personnel who are pursuing Undergraduate studies at Concordia University.

Candidates for this non-renewable bursary must provide official proof of their veteran status or ongoing service in the Armed Forces. Recipients are selected by the Undergraduate In-Course Bursary committee.

The Canadian Government recognizes veterans as any former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who successfully underwent basic training and is honourably released. For those who continue to serve, their military personnel record will suffice.

Details Application Required: Yes Available to: Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident, First Nations, International, Part-Time Students.

Deadline is 02 Oct 17, so apply now!

**Note that the bursary can be difficult to find using Concordia's awards search program. This seems to be due to security settings on web browsers. One reliable way to find it is to use Chrome on your desktop, and disable pop-ups.