Helping Veterans Succeed

"The money invested in training and schooling programs will reap rich dividends in higher productivity, more intelligent leadership, and greater human happiness. We must replenish our supply of persons qualified to discharge the heavy responsibilities of the postwar world. We have taught our youth how to wage war; we must also teach them how to live useful and happy lives in freedom, justice, and decency"

– Franklin D. Roosevelt, on 'The G.I. Bill'

Our Mission

To support the reintegration of veterans and current members of all service backgrounds in order to succeed academically, and complete their transition to the civilian world.

Who We Are

The executive team is composed of former and active members of the armed forces with a goal of proving peer support, transition assistance and veterans advocacy. We have a strong focus on mental health support and providing the means for academic success. 

Our Goals

  • Work with Concordia University's administration on addressing mental health issues for veterans
  • Advocate for accreditation of military experience and education, within the formal education system
  • Create mentorship and support programs
  • Assist veterans' integration to university
  • Assist veteran's transition to the civilian workforce
  • Act as an aggregator and Disseminator of information on available resources